How to Choose Your Interior Designer

If you plan to work with an interior designer, keep in mind that the relationship by nature is intimate. Due to this, immeasurable benefits are achieved when some time is taken in advance to consider what you want from this person you are about to call into your life. Like any relationship, clear communication can go a long way to alleviating any misunderstanding. Here are some of the major criteria in choosing an interior designer.

Evaluate your work style

Before taking the phone and start calling prospects, spend a few moments to reflect on your desired mode. This little introspection will go a long way to ensure that you hire the right person, and help establish a solid basis for a successful working relationship.

Determine the scope of your project

The scope of the project to some extent dictates the qualifications and experiences that must necessarily be held by an interior designer you’re hiring. If your home is a new one or an addition, or the completion of a major renovation of the existing space, then you are probably already working with an architect. This is good because architects and designers often work together to balance the aesthetics of the structure of the house, or “bones” with furniture and interior finishes.

Maybe you want your architect involved in the choice of an interior designer, or recommend someone he or she had worked with in the past, or using one of the interior designers the company has on staff. But if you are trying to redecorate a single room or your budget is for an area that does not require structural changes, then you may not be needing an interior designer in all. You might be happy to hire specialists such as color consultant who can work with your existing furniture and help renew the area with a new color and fabric choice. While my family lived in Louis, we remodeled our home, and we were very lucky to hire one of the best St. Louis designer who had vast knowledge and experience in all these field.