Forms of chiropractic therapy

St. Louis chiropractic careLast summer, my mom asked me to take her to a near by St. Louis chiropractic care center, I rarely knew much about chiropractors and their work, not until then. I made some research and was truly overwhelmed with the level of information i came across and also the role these professionals played in the live of many residing our us.

Here are some amazing findings;

Forms of chiropractic therapy As early as the year 1912, the field of chiropractic medicine was using methods that were devoid of surgeries and drugs. As some have come to refer to it, chiropractic is often termed the drugless, surgery-less medical field. Indeed, a closer look at the methods employed by chiropractors reveals that they harness the capabilities of exercise, light, heat, cold, massage, electricity and water to rid patients off their pains and limitations in the range of motion. The main methods employed by chiropractors include;


Traction employs the use of devices and machines to massage the back of the patient. The most common type has a set of rollers moving in a rhythm under the back of the patient to relieve them of the pain by easing the tension and inflammation therein. Through the process of non-surgical spinal decompression, the chiropractor can use machines to reduce the pressure on the nerve root by decompressing the discs in the vertebral column.


in this form of electromagnetic therapy, a shortwave current is a passed through the affected area. The waves of the current are controlled such that they pass the softer tissue without a problem but cause a warming sensation upon meeting denser tissues. The passing of this shortwave has various advantages among them the relaxation of the muscles and connective tissues besides decreasing the muscle spasms. Also, this form of therapy increases the rates of blood circulation in the affected area. In this way, it will hasten the healing process in the affected area. The warm sensation resulting from the passing of the current feels pleasant for most people.


Ultrasound has been used widely in the field of chiropractic care that it is not a surprise to know that it is also one of the major forms of chiropractic therapy. In this method, deep therapy is created and applied to soft joints and tissues using sound waves. This technique is applied on a remote scale and that is why it is referred to as micro-massaging. Among the many benefits of this technique are increasing the blood flow this aiding the healing process, reducing spasms, stiffness and back pain.

Electrical muscle stimulation;

The use of electricity also finds use in another area in terms of electrical stimulation of the muscles. Electrodes are attached to the skin at designated areas to send light amounts of electricity through the body. The electricity is sent through the body in small timed pulses. This form of therapy is focused on alleviation of back pain, curtailing of muscle spasms and the reduction of inflammation.

Most of these methods and forms of chiropractic therapy can be performed by most chiropractic institutions. However, the ones which employ electricity need more specialized care than mechanical ones. For a field which has used, among other arts, acupuncture and other healing therapies, chiropractic has come quite a long way to make it a very reliable field. In some cases, the chiropractor enlists the services of a trained medical professional skilled in specific types of therapy such as diathermy.